Travel and Transportation

Adopting new technologies from Internet of things are creating a host of opportunities in travel/transport.

In addition to much visible impact- pollution causing emissions, inefficiencies and irregularities in travel and transportation cost money and take time away from people’s lives. Apart from these, travel companies are also witnessing the increased difficulty to do a target based marketing, customizing the promotions as per customer’s need and more importantly missing the target on the number of optimal inventory for revenue management.

However, with an evident consumerization of technology, travel companies can create a differentiated customer experience to improve their ROI and profit by transforming their services using business intelligence and analytics. Variety of data is being generated all time from everywhere and anywhere due to logistics and travelers on the move. Rather than reactive approach, a predictive and proactive step combined with actionable insights will help companies in achieving optimal efficiency and lower costs without compromising on end- to- end passenger/traveler experience.

At E2E, we can help you answer important business problems such as


  • Channel effectiveness- offline/Web/SMS/Call/Email
  • Target segmentation
  • Preferred products identification
  • Traffic Analysis and Conversion Analysis
  • Factor analysis for Cancellation and modification

Customer experience

  • Customer offerings study
  • Customer life time value analysis
  • Spend to acquire Customer
  • Factors study to customer buying pattern


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