Financial Services

Players in Financial services adapt digitization and process automation to achieve operational excellence.

Financial services - Banking and Insurance

A paradigm shift from traditional banking to customer centric approach is disrupting the financial services making the data a key enabler for different cost-effective transformations in the market.

With new norms, evolving complex regulations and compliance laws, the banking industry is struggling with credit losses, payment transformation, risk management, profiling profitable customers and sustaining market share. Organizations are revisiting their operational strategies, re-evaluating business models and investing in data security and process efficiencies.


  • Customer Segmentation to account for risk profile
  • Marketing channel analysis to optimization spend
  • Loyalty effectiveness analysis
  • Online channel effectiveness
  • Marketing Campaign and test analysis

Customer experience

  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Text and Sentiment analysis on CRM data
  • Customer satisfaction analysis

Product related

  • Risk management to optimize the pricing
  • Increasing Product adoption
  • Key KPIs for business performance
  • Scorecard design and generation
  • Fraud monitoring and analysis
  • Data governance


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