Survey Programming

Online Programming The E2E team has a varied experience of programming simple to extreme complex surveys across multiple platforms. E2E also supports programming for various modes of data collection. E2E helps create user enhanced surveys to increase the survey participation and ensure authentic data quality. E2E also recommends on survey platforms and helps transitioning of projects from one platform to another. Some of the preferred platform E2E supports for programming and hosting are

  • MrDimension
  • Confirmit
  • Beacon
  • Sparq
  • Qualtrics
  • Questback
  • Sawtooth

Below listed are key functionalities managed for executing survey programming

  • Program and host surveys irrespective of platform
  • Highly sophisticated customization depending on browser compatibility.
  • Programming for Community Panel surveys.
  • Create company specific template to ensure branding
  • Re-entry functionality
  • Rolling back of incomplete surveys.
  • Capability to program complex quota settings across all platforms.
  • Pass-back linkage to allow clients to match respondents to their panel.
  • Data pre-population with or without loops surveys
  • Ensuring proper data layouts at the back end to generate data files as required by the analysis team.
  • Reporting of sample results through online reportals for monitoring field status
  • RDG Implementation/Usage.
  • Embed Javascript, VBscript, HTML5 tools in the surveys.
  • A library of HTML5 tools to choose from for the survey.
  • Emailing of sample data, sample and field management by experienced survey team leaders.
  • Programming Conjoint and MaxDiff models on Sawtooth
  • Build Simulators for Conjoints and Maxdiff tools
  • Programming complex Diary surveys and deliver a single data file for the total diary
  • Build Dashboards through Reportal in Confirmit, Excel and ASP .Net

The survey enhancement could be done for various type of questions. Simple sliders to hot spots, ranking tools to photo gallery and many more. To view the demo of such HTML5 built survey integrating tools please click on our proprietary tool ENSUITE

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