Global Data Collection

The quality of data is one of the most important aspects to success of a research. E2E supports clients across various data collection methodologies. With its panel partners across the globe, E2E supports clients with their survey needs. E2E with the help of its data and research specialists helps client by recommending on the research and data collection methodology. Depending on the markets, target respondents, quota and sample reach E2E helps decide if this could be covered through a single channel of data collection or requires a mix data collection method. E2E has expertise in various data collection methodologies: Online Data Collection (CAWI) E2E has a strong reach globally and can support clients collect quality data with the help of online data collection. The project managers work with the sampling team and ensure to meet the data quality with timelines

  • Single point of contact. The project manager is allocated for all end to end studies
  • Team reviews the quality and fall of data while the study is in field
  • Procure hard to reach sample through multiple channels
  • Quick turnaround on costs and proposals
  • Quick Turn around time on data collection and improved IR with the sample reach through multiple channels
  • The online reach is for 50+ countries across all the industries. The total sample reach is in millions of respondents.
  • Respondents are also checked for their duplicate IP’s and the respective GEOIP
  • Understanding the incidence for the project, E2E ensures the project plan for data collection is closely monitored

Telephonic Data Collection (CATI) In-Depth Qualitative Interviews Supporting clients to collect opinions of senior level and high value individuals across various industries, E2E helps conducting of Qualitative interviews both in English and Non-English languages

  • Interview guidelines and probing questions are mocked up before recruiting for the real interviews
  • The in-depth interview can be a mix of open ended and close ended interviews or either of one
  • The translated transcript is the deliverable for the in-depth interviews
  • The transcribed interview can be coded further to quantify for data analysis
  • The interviewing team understands the qualitative requirements and is proficient in probing and collecting relevant responses
  • Industry and research specialist can support writing the white paper with the findings

Face to Face data collection (Offline data collection) Apart from the CAWI, CAPI, CATI E2E is proficient in handling PAPI interviews. For Face to Face interviews, E2E is partnered with experienced and certified field agencies in Asia and African countries

  • Call backs are conducted for confirming on the respondent
  • The final data is checked and validated post data entry
  • E2E also supports its client and field partners with the proprietary service E2E-Offline to help collect offline data using mobile devices.

Data Collection through Bulletin Board With its proprietary platform to perform in-depth data collection through Bulletin Boards. E2E has built its own platform to collect online qualitative data .

  • The moderator sets up the questions online on the platform for the respondents to answer them at their convenience
  • Post responding the questions the moderator further probes on their answers to get detailed information around each response
  • This can be covered in both English as well as non-English languages
  • The data is then collated for further transcribing and quantifying
  • A report or white paper can be derived from the findings of the data and responses collected

Facts and Figures

  • E2E has access to millions of panel data globally
  • E2E supports all forms of data collection
  • E2E has resources to support with non-english languages, translation and transcription of interviews
  • E2E has a strong team of project managers and sample managers to support data collection 24X7
  • E2E has conducted single and multiple geography studies across 50+ countries
  • E2E has helped clients do F2F Conjoint studies through offline methodology
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