New Product Development

E2E conceptualises and develops custom software products which help cut down repetitive work, laborious tasks and adds overall value to the quality of the output. Custom products are also built basis client needs

The technology solutions and offerings are segregated under “New Product Development” All the customised products built in-house as licensed online applications or the products developed per client requirement are covered here.

We are always vary of the current technical changes and solutions which are in demand. E2E has a library of such offerings. The large pool of E2E technical experts are constantly working on the E2E proprietary products and the client products. Below are the various offerings which will give you more information about each of the product:

  • ENSUITE – This is a library of HTML5 tools which are short exercises built to be embedded in various surveys.
  • Survey Link Manager (SLM) - This is an online application which helps to executed and monitor surveys when there are multiple panel providers involved.
  • Brand Manager – This is a full blown online application which caters to Brand management tracking studies.
  • Dashboard – These are customised reporting solutions which are built using various applications (Confirmit Reportal, .Net, Ms Excel etc), per client requirements.
  • Macros – These are small engines to execute repetitive work and are customised per client needs.
  • Infographics – Though this is a reporting deliverable, it can be an online dynamic infographic which works in lieu of a Powerpoint presentation and can be focused to the findings.

There is detailed information on clicking each of these below

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